Educational Initiatives 

It works through activating partnerships at the local and international levels in formulating and designing programs and providing a wide range of training programs, seminars, courses, workshops and conferences, which we offer through a selection of distinguished trainers, trainers and consultants, which enables us to offer practical, renewable solutions that suit your business and needs
  Educational Initiatives  

It provides professional and quality training programs and solutions to empower organizations and individuals working in the public and private sectors and help them achieve their development goals at the professional and institutional levels

About us

A company specialized in training and consulting solutions services for the public and private sectors, working to provide training courses, seminars and conferences in various professional tracks and preparing and developing training programs on an ongoing basis, in addition to the services of designing and engineering training curricula

How we work

Our method of work depends on effective partnership in the field of consulting and project management, where we seek to bring international expertise and qualify local ones instead of relying on foreign expertise only. We aim in our policy to develop local capacity in order to ensure more effective, appropriate and sustainable results. We work with our local clients to develop their institutions and work with modern and innovative management methods that combine global experience and at the same time fit the local mentality and local work atmosphere.

Specializations and Training Programs

Educational Initiatives Company offers a number of programs in different disciplines

Tanmia - for Women Entrepreneurs

Develop Professional Capabilities

English Language

Qiyadat Global - Georgetown

Laws and Regulations

Audit and Oversight

On-The-Job Training

Guidance for Entrepreneurs

Accounting and Finance

Software and Electronics Engineering

Safety and Security

Scholarships Preparation and Qualification Program


In order to provide the best services and solutions, the company has worked with many local and international organizations to implement joint programs inside and outside the Kingdom through building alliances or cooperation through memoranda of understanding, cooperation and business partnerships, including

Alliances and clients

Technical and vocational
training corporation
Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Higher Education
Saudi Arabia

Ferris State University
United States

University of Pittsburgh
United States

University of Wisconsin-Stout
United States

University of California, Los Angeles
United States

Georgetown University
United States

Memoranda of Cooperation and Understanding

Khan Academy

University of California,
United States

University of California,
Los Angeles
United States


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